Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Life Update

I have started to write a post about five times this week, but can't find my cord to download pictures from my camera. Fortunately, Chris came to the rescue with his computer and showed me how the SIM card can hook right into it without a cord. So, since he saved the day, I thought I would share with you his newest hobby...

Chris has officially taken up cycling. After getting outfitted with all the right gear and picking out his new bike, he has been hitting the road recently and loving it! I never thought I would say this, but now that I can't do anything, I am kind of jealous of all the exercise he is getting...hah!

In other news, I head to my last weekly appointment tomorrow, because after this I get to move to bi-weekly for awhile! Woohoo!!! I do have to give blood tomorrow, which I am bummed about...anybody who knows me knows I hate needles. I hope everything comes back good, so I don't have to do anymore in the near future.

Baby Bradford and I are GROWING! I literally feel like I am growing bigger each.and.every day! My doctor says I am right on track, so I am thankful, but I can't help but wonder how big this bump is going to get by the end of this pregnancy ;) So, I will leave you with my most recent picture...this one was actually taken last week, which means I probably should take another one tomorrow!!!


  1. You look great!!! Tell Chris Nick just got a road bike too! miss ya

  2. You both look wonderful! Miss seeing your face around here!