Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well the big news for us this week is...we are moving! I am very excited to make the move, especially since I don't have to lift a thing. ;) We decided to move in two phases, the first which included all non-essentials was done yesterday. Chris will be moving everything else on Friday, while I will be at a friends house (I didn't think I could handle hanging out around here...I would want to help when I know I can't).

Chris and I were talking this morning before he left for work about how special this move will be. This house will be the place where our family grows from being a family of two to a family of three (and maybe more in the future). So, not only is it a new place for us to live, but this house will also be Baby Bradford's first home! I can still remember my parents taking me back to visit a little trailer in the middle of the country sitting right smack dab in a cotton field...my first home. My mom would tell me stories of mice running across the roof and other such adventures that come from living in such a small place in the middle of nowhere. I can remember asking my dad how big it was and he would stretch his arms wide and tell me that he could practically touch both sides of the trailer when his arms were fully outstretched. I also remember asking my mom what my room looked like. She would describe the bright primary colors and teddy bears which filled the room...the closet filled with clothes that were bought by grandparents who wanted to spoil their first grandchild. As a child, I loved going back to visit my first home. Oh the good days...when life is not about the number on your paycheck or the grandeur of your home but rather the love that is found within and the memories that you make.

I pray that this new home will symbolize a place where our little one will look back with fond memories and beg us to tell him more about "his first home". I hope that his memories of his first home will be full of love and family. I want him to ask about his first room, and beg to go back and see his first home. "Home" is a special place, but truly only made special because of the people and relationships that fill it. So, this week, amid the hectic process of getting everything from point A to B, I am so grateful to start a new little chapter, in a new little home.

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