Friday, August 5, 2011

29 and counting...

Big Day today...we are at 29 weeks! My last week in the twenties! Mom has been super busy around the house getting things set up and cleaned! I am so grateful to have her here. As each box gets unpacked and put away, this house begins to feel a little bit more like home!

Yesterday, completely out of the blue we received a surprise blessings that left me speechless. Chris received a call from a family that had a three day old tempurpedic mattress that they wanted to give us because it wasn't working for them! We were able to move our old mattress to our guest room to make room for the new one. Now we have a place for guests to sleep...which will mostly be my parents as they come to see their first new grandchild! We are sooo thankful for this sweet family and their generous gift!

On a slightly sad note, I did receive my gestational diabetes results back today. I have been diagnosed with GD. This is not a huge deal physically for me...I will have to follow a specific diet and check my blood sugar four times a day, but honestly it is more of an emotional deal for me. I did not think gestational diabetes would be an issue for me, and now that it is, I am really working to keep my thoughts positive and focused on the Lord. This will also mean a change in my doctor visits. I think I am back to weekly visits, and possibly also a second doctor. That poor hospital knows me by name :)

So, going into next week, please pray that I will confidently embrace this new phase of my pregnancy (including pricking myself four times a day...YIKES! You know me and needles). I will have a four hour appointment/class at the hospital next week where they will teach me everything I need to know. Also, pray for Chris as this will affect him as well. Not only is he working, doing everything around the house, and cooking all of our meals, he will now have to help me with this new diet. He has been such a trooper through it all, but I know that he will be glad when life is "back to normal" (as normal as it will be with a

So, tonight, I am truly a little disappointed about the diagnosis but so grateful for the blessings. I know that not only does God not give us more than we can handle but also He truly does have a perfect plan. He ordained these steps before I was born and knows exactly how He will use this season in my life!

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