Friday, August 26, 2011

32 Weeks...can I get an AMEN!

10 days have passed since I last posted, and praise the Lord, we are still holding steady! The big news for today…we have reached the beginning of 32 weeks!!! I am so thrilled, and getting this far makes each day laying on my back worth it all! I am so thankful that I can rest knowing that God has already planned Beau’s birthday before he was even conceived!

So, in celebration of 32 weeks, I wanted to make some lists of things I am feeling so I can remember when the pregnancy is over and I look back through this blog. Obviously, as any pregnant girl knows, hormones make one’s emotions go CRAZY, but for my sake I want to have them down, so I will remember!

Things I am loving:

- I love it when Beau kicks (except when he kicks my cervix)….each kick lets me know he is doing all right and assures me that I am doing my job!

- I love watching my tummy get bigger. Each week I grow a little more, which means our little one is growing too!

- I am loving sweet little baby boy clothes! My mom and Chris have both bought a few and I have ordered some online and they are precious! Can’t wait until we have a little baby boy to fill them!

- I love the view from the couch where I spend my days…beautiful big trees make it a little easier to enjoy the day!

- I love fresh summer fruit! I have always been a fruit eater and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat it with gestational diabetes. Fortunately, I can and am really enjoying it!

- I love being able to catch up on some good reading! I probably won’t get to read much after the baby gets here, so I am trying to get in as much as possible.

Things I am thankful for (this list could go on forever but I will try to keep it short):

- I am extremely thankful for each day Beau is in my tummy! Each and every day is a victory to me!

- I am thankful for the countless people who have ministered to my family. But today, I am especially thankful for two very special ladies from our church who have sacrificially served my family. First, a sweet lady named Rebecca. She has faithfully (and I mean faithfully!) brought us a meal every single week since I first found out about my incompetent cervix. I have never met someone who has so beautifully demonstrated the love of Christ to us! Thank you so much Rebecca! The other lady who has blown me away is a lady named Missy! She has become our official weekly grocery shopper. Chris appreciates this just as much as I do, since he does not like grocery shopping J Missy has also brought me lunch, sat with me, encouraged me and picked up around our house. She has served us without expecting anything in return and blesses my socks off every time I am around her!

- I am thankful for my family! Both my side of the family and Chris’ side have been absolutely amazing! Not only by calling and praying for us, but helping with the “dirty” work around the house, cooking meals, getting me my meals, helping to decorate our new house, and sooo much more! I have been astounded by the love of our family and am reminded of how wonderful it is to be related to some amazing people!

- I am truly grateful for my husband! He has ministered to me in ways he probably never imagined he would have to. From sitting with me while my hormone crazy body just wants to cry to getting up every morning to cook my breakfast, prepare my snacks, and come home to cook dinner! I have seen our relationship grow and strengthen through this time, and am so thankful I can call Chris my own!

Things I am praying about:

- I am praying for the delivery and labor progression. This is an area I am nervous about due to the fact that it is all unknown. Daily I am working on turning this over to the Lord.

- I am praying about my over-protective mindset. I find myself being extremely over-protective of Beau and he is not even born yet. I know this is part of my desire to love, protect, and nurture our little one, but I pray that once he joins us in the outside world, I will be protective but temper that mindset with trust that God has everything in control.

- I am praying for my stamina. It is difficult to get through each day, but I fear that after the baby is born I will be fairly weak, from weeks of NO activity. I am praying the Lord will help me to get my strength back quickly so that I can be the best mom possible.

- I am praying for my nightly rest. I have not been sleeping well at all due to what I think is restless leg syndrome. I don’t nap during the day, so my body is pretty drained. We are trying several different ideas to help this issue, but so far I haven’t found anything to work really well!

- And lastly, and most importantly, I am praying for Beau’s health. I pray for a strong, healthy baby who is a fighter! I believe God has huge plans for his life, and I can’t wait to see them unfold.

Things I miss:

- I miss going to church. You never realize how vital that aspect of life is until you don’t have it anymore. I look forward to jumping back into the fellowship of the believers when our family grows from two members to three.

- I miss eating out…lol! There is a long list of places I want to go to once the baby is here, so I look forward to going to each of them in the future.

- I miss dessert!!! I love chocolate, and can’t wait until I can indulge! I can have an occasional small dessert with my gestational diabetes, but overall, they are a no, no!

- I miss date nights with my hubby and shopping with friends.

- I miss dressing up, putting makeup on, and getting pedicures. At this point my wardrobe consists of comfy shirts and shorts, and my makeup is packed in the hospital bags. I guess my skin is getting a needed break from a lot of products J

- And currently, I miss walking around! Sometimes, I just wish I could take a stroll around the block J

Overall, the things I miss and the things I worry about pale in comparison to the excitement I feel over meeting our son soon. But I want to be honest, and make sure I get all of my emotions written down, so I can clearly remember this time in our lives. So, if you made it this far, sorry you had to journey through my mind and everything that is swirling around in there! Mostly today, I am rejoicing that we are 32 weeks…God is sooo good! Our next little goal is to make it to next week’s appointment where we will get to see a very clear picture of how my body is doing! Until then…

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Praying for you and that sweet, little boy of yours. The things you love put a smile on my face. :)

    2 Timothy 1:7, 1 Peter 5:7, Proverbs 30:5