Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Good Morning! Whew! I have had quite the week! This week I went to my nutrition class, met with a dietitian, and started my new meal plan. I have learned sooo much and honestly it has been really interesting. I have always been interested in nutrition, so I have enjoyed learning more about combining proteins and carbs in order to help control my blood sugar from spiking.

I catch myself sitting in the pantry reading labels and being shocked at the carbohydrates in some items. For example, when my mom was here last weekend she bought me a bag of sugar-free candy to keep as a stash when I REALLY needed a dessert ;) We both thought this would be a great solution, if my sweet tooth kicked in. Well yesterday, I looked at the package and one piece had 26g of carbs...Yikes! Needless to say, I probably will not be eating these considering one starch that I eat should fall in the 11g-20g range. Crazy huh?

Anyway, the whole diet thing is not near as bad as I imagined. I thought I would have to majorly restrict carbs, which is totally untrue. I am measuring everything out, and making sure I combine the right kinds of foods in each meal. Overall, I have enjoyed thinking of new combination of things to eat.

The hardest part for me, and something you can pray about, is the amount of food I am supposed to eat. I feel like I am constantly eating. Three meals and three snacks a day is A LOT of food, and I am not used to eating that much. I think I am going to talk to my dietitian about decreasing the amount she has asked me to eat, as I have not been "hungry" one time in the last few days and always feel very full. I hope I don't gain 10 pounds this week...hah! I know it probably seems worse to me because I cannot exercise or move around much.

So, all that to say, the diagnosis has not been near as bad as I expected. It's kind of like a game to match everything up and gives me something to do all day :) I am still getting used to pricking my finger but even that isn't too bad. Little Baby Bradford seems to be doing good. I am still praying for no more significant softening of my cervix, so he can cook as long as possible. Hope everyone has a blessed week....I know I am!

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