Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well the big news for us this week is...we are moving! I am very excited to make the move, especially since I don't have to lift a thing. ;) We decided to move in two phases, the first which included all non-essentials was done yesterday. Chris will be moving everything else on Friday, while I will be at a friends house (I didn't think I could handle hanging out around here...I would want to help when I know I can't).

Chris and I were talking this morning before he left for work about how special this move will be. This house will be the place where our family grows from being a family of two to a family of three (and maybe more in the future). So, not only is it a new place for us to live, but this house will also be Baby Bradford's first home! I can still remember my parents taking me back to visit a little trailer in the middle of the country sitting right smack dab in a cotton field...my first home. My mom would tell me stories of mice running across the roof and other such adventures that come from living in such a small place in the middle of nowhere. I can remember asking my dad how big it was and he would stretch his arms wide and tell me that he could practically touch both sides of the trailer when his arms were fully outstretched. I also remember asking my mom what my room looked like. She would describe the bright primary colors and teddy bears which filled the room...the closet filled with clothes that were bought by grandparents who wanted to spoil their first grandchild. As a child, I loved going back to visit my first home. Oh the good days...when life is not about the number on your paycheck or the grandeur of your home but rather the love that is found within and the memories that you make.

I pray that this new home will symbolize a place where our little one will look back with fond memories and beg us to tell him more about "his first home". I hope that his memories of his first home will be full of love and family. I want him to ask about his first room, and beg to go back and see his first home. "Home" is a special place, but truly only made special because of the people and relationships that fill it. So, this week, amid the hectic process of getting everything from point A to B, I am so grateful to start a new little chapter, in a new little home.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 26 Doctor's Appt. Recap

Hello there! I hope everyone is having a great week...we have been getting rain here which is a blessing. I know our ground needs it, and hopefully it will help the temperatures some too. I am not outside much these days, but when I am, I kind of go into heat shock! Sunday, I thought I would sweat through my dress during my weekly church outing. I guess my body isn't quite adjusted to the summer heat because I am not in it every day. Chris joked yesterday that every time he walks outside he sweats through his shirt...we are definitely in the humid, hot South!

Well, I had my appointments yesterday, and they went really good! The one negative is that the appointment lady (I don't know her real title) accidentally scheduled me for Wednesday rather than Tuesday, even though I go every single Tuesday. I felt stupid for not catching it either, but they worked me in and everything was straightened out. I happened to get the grumpy nurse yesterday which didn't make the situation any better. If you go to the same doctor that I do you totally know which nurse I am talking about ;) Poor thing...I have never seen her in a good mood! My goal is to kill her with kindness every time I go in there!

Anyway, Dr. Anding gave me great news, my stitches from my cerclage are holding strong, I am measuring right on track, and I now only have to go for check-ups bi-weekly rather than weekly! Praise the Lord!!! Since I am finishing up my 26th week, that should mean I will go in at 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36 weeks. Only five more appointments until the stitch is removed at 36 weeks. At that point we will let nature take its course and let Baby Bradford make his appearance! One positive aspect to my incompetent cervix, is that my doctor said that typically labor is very quick for women with shortened cervix (for obvious reasons)...hopefully that will be true in my case!

I did have to take the glucose test yesterday, but honestly it was not near as bad as I had anticipated. I drank the fruit punch flavored drink which is supposedly the best. Since I hadn't had any sugar for two days and I had really been wanting some it wasn't too awful. And being the big baby I am, I had Chris hold my hand when I gave blood. I will be honest, I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but when it comes to needles, I get soooo worked up. It's ridiculous and completely all in my head I know, so hopefully I will get over it soon. I made Chris take a picture of me with my pouty face...

And here is my official 26 week 5 day picture! Y'all excuse my hair, I am not sure what happened! I will just blame it on the wind ;)

I cannot believe Friday starts the last week of my second trimester! I am just now realizing how much there is to do, and how little time I have to do it. I am VERY limited on to what I can do, so I am going to really rely on my sweet family to help out. We will be moving in a couple weeks into our new little house! I am thrilled but also a little nervous, because everything will be in disarray and I can't do a thing about it. My mom is going to come in and help get some things set up so that should help! And the nursery is a whole other story! I am just choosing not to worry about it! Hopefully, everything will come together in the last few weeks! If it doesn't...I don't think Baby Bradford will ever know if I have to finish up everything after he is born!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Life Update

I have started to write a post about five times this week, but can't find my cord to download pictures from my camera. Fortunately, Chris came to the rescue with his computer and showed me how the SIM card can hook right into it without a cord. So, since he saved the day, I thought I would share with you his newest hobby...

Chris has officially taken up cycling. After getting outfitted with all the right gear and picking out his new bike, he has been hitting the road recently and loving it! I never thought I would say this, but now that I can't do anything, I am kind of jealous of all the exercise he is getting...hah!

In other news, I head to my last weekly appointment tomorrow, because after this I get to move to bi-weekly for awhile! Woohoo!!! I do have to give blood tomorrow, which I am bummed about...anybody who knows me knows I hate needles. I hope everything comes back good, so I don't have to do anymore in the near future.

Baby Bradford and I are GROWING! I literally feel like I am growing bigger each.and.every day! My doctor says I am right on track, so I am thankful, but I can't help but wonder how big this bump is going to get by the end of this pregnancy ;) So, I will leave you with my most recent picture...this one was actually taken last week, which means I probably should take another one tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Part of the Body

Well, time is flying and I have finished my sixth week of bed rest! Hard to believe! Over the past few weeks I have been able to see just how unique, supportive, and special the body of Christ is to a believer. Many times, growing up in the ministry, I have been on the "giving" side but I have not ever had to be in the "receiving" end quite like I am today. I have experienced parts of the ministry of the body when a relative has passed and when my brother was involved in a bad accident, but only now am I fully realizing how special being part of the church is.

Brothers and sisters in Christ have reached out to me in such an amazing way, that I feel beyond blessed! Last week, my sweet college friend Angela came and visited and brought me dinner while Chris was at church. She recently moved into the area, which I am thrilled about! We had a great evening of catching up and laughing over old memories! Here we are after Chris got home to take a picture (excuse my total lack of make-up, my work out clothes and crazy hair...it was just one of those days!)

So, today, I am thankful for the body of Christ...I am reminded of the early New Testament church in Acts 3 who literally did life together. Their love for one another and devotion to God went beyond a weekly service or prayer meeting; it found its way into every area of their lives. What a blessing to be bound together in the love that comes only from Christ Jesus...I am thankful!

And on a completely different note, I have my weekly doctors appointment! I am excited to hear that little heartbeat and get everything checked out! I will be back soon with an update and hopefully a few pics of my ever-growing baby belly!

Friday, July 1, 2011

24 Weeks!!!

Today is a BIG day in the life of Baby Bradford! He is 24 weeks old, which is a great milestone during pregnancy. When I first was diagnosed with incompetent cervix, I prayed I would make it to 24 weeks. I can't believe that day is here, and I am praising the Lord we have made it this far. As my doctor put it, at 24 weeks, the medical world will officially say the baby has a "chance" at survival if born prematurely. Obviously, we are praying that Baby Bradford will stay in much, much longer, but I am thrilled with having made to this milestone.

We are in for an exciting week around our household. Chris and his Dad are painting the house we will be moving into next month so that everything will be fresh. I sooo wish I could be over there, but I will have to do with updates via Chris' phone! Fourth of July will be quiet and restful. I am hoping that I can convince Chris to grill burgers as I have been craving them! Have a great 4th and I will be back soon!