Sunday, June 27, 2010


I LOVE Sunday's! I always enjoy worshipping at church and spending a leisurely day with Chris...and today was no different. We had a great morning service and then went to a fish fry put on by our church youth group to raise money for camp. It was soooo good! There is not much better than fish and chips, and knowing it helps our youth go to camp was even better! We spent a leisurely afternoon napping and hanging around the house. Chris is programmed to take a nap every Sunday afternoon so he was out shortly after we got home. And of course, I couldn't let him out-do me so I took one too!

On another note, I offered to make cookies for Chris tonight while we were watching the Yankie game. Secretly, I wanted cookies for myself as well ;) I usually make the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Cookie Recipe and this time I decided to half it, so we didn't have four dozen cookies sitting in the kitchen...hello weight gain!!! Anyway, I accidently put in the two eggs instead of one and didn't realize it until they were in the oven. So, I warned Chris that these cookies may not be normal...well, they weren't normal but Chris LOVED them. He declared them the best cookies he had ever had...ha! They were more like a cake consistency so we deemed them "Cakies" instead of cookies :) Here are our cakies which do not look too appetizing but actually were really, really good! I have now been requested to make all of my cookies like this...we'll see!

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