Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Jonas, Baggetts and Putt Putt

What a week...we have been running for the last several days! Our friends, Travis and Danielle, came to visit Tuesday through Thursday. We had a blast with them even though the time was short.

Here we are...with Chris being a dork :)

The highlight would have to be a visit to the Cheesecake Factory....yum! This was soooo good! And guess who we sat behind...Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. That was fun! Chris snapped a picture of him on his phone as proof...not the best quality but proof none the less!
Chris was so sweet and brought a beautiful bouquet of roses and daisy's on Wednesday for our 3rd anniversary! I LOVE them!!! It was so fun to have them at my desk all week and think about the last three years of our marriage! Here is a picture of them today (sorry they are slightly wilted...that's what I get for waiting to take a picture until today!)

Today, we slept in which was the best! After waking up we messed around the house and then went and stuffed ourselves at Abuelos. This is probably my favorite mexican food ever! Chris and I reverted back to childhood and decided to play a game of Putt Putt. It was fun despite the high-90's Texas heat! I am pretty sure he won although I came pretty close! I think I did pretty good since I never golf, and he golfs all the time :)

Our score card....and Chris' not-so-good penmanship!

Chris showing his great golfing skills

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend! Church tomorrow, fish fry for lunch, and hopefully Toy Story 3 in the afternoon!

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