Tuesday, September 13, 2011

34 Week Doctor Appointment and Update

Today, we just got back from the doctor, and I am back on my couch! It was nice to be out and about for awhile! The appointment went about like I expected. I have been feeling some extra pressure the last couple days so I knew something was probably going on. Sure enough, I am a finger-tip dilated and his little head is about as far down as it could go.

So...we will see how long he decides to stay in there! The great news is that the cerclage is still holding and doing its job, and my doctor is overall satisfied with where we are despite the continuous changes. He was so kind and encouraging to me today, saying that most women can't or won't do what I have done. Honestly, it was nice to hear that he appreciates the work I have put in to keep this baby cooking and healthy! I really think that if I stay on my back I can make it two more weeks, which would almost eliminate the possibility of a NICU stay unless something random happened.

On a totally different note, doc said I needed to gain more weight...SERIOUSLY??? I don't know how that is possible...I am eating six times a day, including lots of nuts, peanut butter and almond butter. I don't really know of any way to get more "good for you" high-calorie food into my system, but I guess I will try :) I guess it is better than the alternative of him suggesting I lose weight...lol!

By far, the best news from today, is that if I can make it for two more weeks, I will have the stitch's removed and have my restrictions lifted! Fourteen more days is almost nothing compared to how far we have come, so I am thrilled. The end is sooo close! We are truly thanking God for bringing us this far...we consider this journey to be a miracle and can't wait to meet Beau! Y'all pray he holds still for two more weeks!

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