Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beau's Beautiful Bed

Today was such an amazing day!!! When we found out we were pregnant, our dear friends Gary and Pat told us they were taking care of the bed! The most amazing part is that Gary does incredible wood work, and he just told us to send him a picture of what we would like and he would make it. So I poured over pictures online, and found one I thought would be perfect for our little Beau.

Well...Gary did not disappoint! In fact, the bed is beyond my expectations! Gary and Pat drove in today and brought us Outback...yum! And then the boys got to work while Pat and I caught up!

Gary starting to get all the pieces laid out and ready to put together!

And Chris pitched in to help, and also learn how to set it up!

And of course, it wouldn't be official without the "G-Daddy" Stamp! How cool is that!

And the finished product! I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and know that many hard hours were put into making it so special for us! So, thank you Gary and Pat...we love it and are truly grateful!

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