Friday, September 2, 2011

Doctor's Appt: A Play-by-Play

Well, we are finished with another week and starting our 33rd week! Unbelievable how time flies!!! This week I have been blessed beyond measure, with sweet people visiting, bringing meals, and a great doctor's visit. My sister-in-law Becky has been a HUGE blessing. She has been coming over to help out and hang out! Not only is this helping our house stay reasonably picked up, it is also helping me stay sane as we can sit and chat. My days are flying by because of this, and I am so grateful for the sacrifice she is making to make this easier for me! Love you Becky!!!

Tuesday, we celebrated Chris' birthday (which was actually on Wednesday) with family and a few friends. They all came here since I couldn't go anywhere and we had BBQ and ice cream cake. Here is a pic of us from that night! I told Chris I had to at least get dressed that night and stand up to take a picture, because we have literally no pics of the latter part of my pregnancy.

Sooo...I thought this week, since we had a great visit to the doctor, I would give you a little play by play of how our day went! So, buckle we go:

6:00 AM- Alarm goes off, and I groggily look at my phone wondering why it is screaming at me this early. I promptly push snooze and realize that I probably haven't used an alarm in over a month...there is just no need to when you lay around all day :)

6:15- I finally crawl out of bed determining I had better get ready if we are ever going to get out the door. I take a quick shower with my handy dandy shower chair. Shower's are a luxury these days, so I enjoy every minute.

6:35- I get out of the shower and realize that my "quick" shower must not have been as quick as I thought it was...oh well. I half-sit, half-lay on the bed and attempt to get mousse in my hair and a few minutes of blow-dry time.

6:45- I quickly realize we need to leave in 15 minutes and I have got to pick up the pace. I throw some clothes on from my VERY limited wardrobe and decide my make-up will have to be done in the car!

7:04- We finally pull out of the driveway with hospital bags, pillow, and anything else we may need packed. I have decided to just leave the bags in the car so that whenever the time comes, we just have to hop in and go!

7:13- A quick run through Starbucks ( fave) and we are ready to go

8:00- At exactly 8 o'clock I walk through the doors to the ultrasound office after barely making it there on time. I hate it when we don't get there early, but Starbucks made it worth it. After signing in, I get comfy expecting a long wait. Usually, I sit in the waiting room for at least an hour, but this morning they are on top of things!

8:25- I am called back to change into the gloriously fashionable gowns and to sit in the second waiting room. I suspect that I may be in here for quite some time, based on past experiences, but fortunately about 10 minutes later they are ready for me. Ladies and Gentlemen...this is a world record time for these two waiting rooms combined! I could just feel the favor of God that morning!!!

8:30- I talk to the ultrasound tech reminding her of my cerclage and 80% effacement. She assures me she will be careful and proceeds with all of the measurements. Let me just tell you...I was NERVOUS! The last several appointments haven't been the most encouraging, so I was a little afraid we would get more bad news. But, the ultrasound went great. Our little Beau is not so little...4lbs. 14 ounces!!! Woohoo! We were thrilled to learn he is healthy and growing. I do feel a little bad for him, he has absolutely no room in my tummy. I am very short-waisted and the tech was amazed at how "tightly wedged" he was in there. Let's just say there is no room for me to grow but out!

9:15- Our ultrasound appointment wraps up and we head up to my doctor's office. After a little wait in the docs waiting room we get ready to go in for the rest of the results.

9:40- We get settled, check my weight and blood pressure and sit waiting for our turn to talk to our doctor.

10:05- Dr. Anding comes in and was sooo pleased with where we are at! This is a complete turn-around from my last appointment. My cervix is still 80% effaced but measuring 1.2 cm. For a normal pregnant gal, this wouldn't be good, but for me it is great! It means we are holding steady and haven't digressed further! Praise the Lord. We were told Dr. Anding is now going to keep my cerclage in place until 37 weeks (if I make it that far), so that Beau's lungs can develop a little longer. I believe that with gestational diabetes it takes a bit more time for lungs to develop and that is his reasoning for pushing it back a week. So overall, our visit with the doctor was very positive.

10:45- the last stop for the day was to take an NST test (which will now become a part of my weekly visits). I was strapped up with two straps, one to measure the baby's heart rate and the other to measure my contractions. My job was to lay there for 30 minutes and click a button every time Beau moved. I was just a little bit paranoid about doing my job wrong so I might have been a little button happy...clicking away at any little movement. Oh well, overall, it went good and the doctor let me go after he reviewed my results.

Sooo...we are thrilled with the visit Wednesday! We were expecting a looong day, but after a quick bite for lunch I went back to the bed/couch until next week. I have to say I was worn out! It is funny how just a little activity now will really drain me; we may be in for an interesting ride once Beau arrives!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Chris and I plan on relaxing and enjoying some time together!


  1. Praising God for His goodness on your behalf! Such great news! You have been such a picture of faithfulness as well! Your positive attitude and faith have been amazing and an encouragement to me. We will continue to pray for you and for your strength and endurance. We love you and are proud of you!