Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Temporary Home

Well hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on our current status...we have a new least for a little while! I have now been admitted to the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy, so we are getting used to a new normal. A little bit of the background...

Monday morning I woke up to a rush of liquid and thought...hmmm that doesn't feel normal. Sure enough after groggily getting up to go to the bathroom I realized I had quite a bit of blood and liquid that had just been released. After waking Chris up, we called the doctor and he said to go ahead and come in to be checked.

Honestly, I felt great, and Chris and I were completely calm as we got ready and headed up to Texas Women's. I truly thought the doctor would check it out and say I was good and to go back home or that we would have a baby that day. But that wasn't to be!

Once we got there all of my vitals were checked and it was discovered that I was having some small but steady contractions. So, I was pumped with all sorts of fun medicines which literally knocked me out. All day, I felt like all I could do was sleep and the hours sped by. Before I knew it, we were moved up from an observation room to a antepartum room which we will now call home.

The main reasons for me staying are leaking of amniotic fluid and mucous and the need to monitor all of that for infection. If I do get infected, they will induce labor, but we would really like Beau to hang out for another week! Still praying for no NICU :) Other than that I am having uterine irratability and plenty of Braxton Hick contractions but no labor contractions due to the medicine I am on.

Overall, Chris and I are doing good (he has been amazing) but I will say hospital stays are no! But honestly, as long as Beau is good (and he is) I will lay here as long as it takes! The nurses have been awesome and that really helps. I will try to post update as I get them! And just for fun, and for memories sake here is a 35 week picture Chris took of me yesterday!

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